The legal and social system that evolved in W Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries, in which vassals were protected and maintained by their lords, usually through the granting of fiefs, and were required to serve under them in war.

Feudal system Class


Lord/Noble - The Land owners of the feudal class, in whom owned the land, and controlled the workers

Pope - Head of church, in the feudal system, religion being very important, in medieval society

King - Head of feudal system - Owned everything, starting the self-sufficient, society's.

Peasant/Serf - Workers of the feudal systems, tending to farms.

Guild/worker - Metal workers.

Role of women.

To get married, and get pregnant.

Poor kids would start working at a really early age, As farmers, etc.

While wealthier kids, would start working at an older age, and would have better jobs.

Why the feudualism system worked.

Feudalism worked, because everyone knew there class in there social structure, and the system was self-sufficient, meaning castles/towns wouldn't have to rely on anyone else, but themselves, and the workers.

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Evaluation of Feudalism

Good or bad?

I personally think the feudal system, was good, because it allowed self sufficient societies, in which we don't really see today at all, but I don't like that there was class structure's even though we might see that in today's societies, via rich & poor.. but nothing like the feudal system's classes.

Conflict - I believe it was cooperation, to stop conflict, and by that I apply, that they all worked together to create safety, and a self sufficient society. Protecting against attacks, allowing serf's to work safely, and keep society flowing.

Anything like Feudalism today in the U.S?

Comparing to school's there are class structure's still, but like previously stated, it isn't anything like it was in 8th or 9th century. Some of the class structures today might be, "the rich" or "middle class" or lesser class people, (poorer).

Comparing to the U.S Government, I don't really see anything that could be compared to the feudal system, unless rank's would count. Democracy, is ran by the people, unlike feudal systems which was ruled by kings.

Comparing to another society - Japanese feudalism and European feudalism, are extremely alike, and different at the same time. European's would be knights, while Japan's would be called Samurai's.

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