The Hart Herald

Volume 1, Issue 3

What's Hapening in Room 111?

What an exciting couple of weeks we have been having! We have been fast at work finishing up Modules and Units in both ELA and Math. Here is an overview what what has been happening in Room 111.

Math: We have been busy working through Module 1on Place Value and Decimal Fractions. Today, we took the End-of-Module assessment and will move on to working on Module 2 on Monday. Module 2 is all about multi-digit whole numbers and decimal fraction operations. We will be working on multiplication using area models and the distributive property using the standard algorithm. We will move from whole numbers to multiplication with decimals, again using place value as a guide to reason and make estimations about products. We are also introducing students to fun math challenges such as Ken Kens and Tile Math.

ELA: In ELA, we have started working on Module 1 Unit 2 which is a novel study on Esperanza Rising. Everyone is so excited to start reading this novel and everyone has been enjoying it so far. This novel connects to our previous unit studying the UDHR and human right as we analyze the challenges that Esperanza faces in her move to the United States.
*There are some nights where I will assign reading homework from this novel. If at all possible, please sit with your child and read through the chapter as it can be challenging. Thank you!

Social Studies: We have started our unit on the US Government. We have been closely studying the three branches of our government and what their role is. There will be a Social Studies quiz next Friday, October 23rd.

Science: We will begin our first Science unit on Monday, October 26th. Our first unit will be Food and Nutrition.

Prevention/Classroom Guidance Lessons: Once a week, Mrs. Cywinski, our Prevention teacher, and Ms. Karley, our 4-5 School Counselor, have been pushing in to our classroom to lead prevention lessons and classroom guidance lessons. In these lessons, students are learning the importance of creating strong relationships with their peers, how to build those relationships, communication skills, and the difference between big problems and small problems.
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It's Time for Socktober!

During the month of October, we have been collecting goods for Socktober. Socktober is an event that was created by Soulpancake and Kid President in the hopes of raising awareness about homelessness and providing those in need with materials that can help them. The following is a link with more information about this event.

As a school we have been collecting these items, however, it is not mandatory to participate.

3 Questions That Could Change The World from Kid President

Important Dates

October 30: Tye Dye Celebration (Please make sure your child wears clothes to tye dye in)
November 11: Np School - Veteran's Day
November 25-27: No School - Happy Thanksgiving
Chorus will be on every Day 1 and Day 3.
Band and Orchestra will be every Day 2 and Day 4

October Birthdays:
Dylan: October 19th
Nathan S.: October 20th