Too Many Tamales

By: Gary Soto Illustrated by: Ed Martinez

Big image

What is fore-grounded and in the background?

In the fore-ground there is a huge plate of tamales. In the background there are the kids that have to eat it.

What colors dominate the images, and what affect does it have on the reader?

The image is mostly dark but, the color that stands out the most is yellow. The tamales are the focal point of the image and this color reflects that.

What is the "reality value" or level of abstraction? (life-like or stick figures)

The images are life like, and realistic.

How are the images framed? Are there thick borders, or faded edges?

The images are framed in a white border on every page. The text is in the white part, this is mostly because the image is so dark.

Is there any recurring patterns?

The tamales are brighter than everything in the book on each page. Dark backgrounds, and it has a cultural background.