helps to perserve the manatee

ID characteristics of and describe

Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows.

species that make it volnerable to extinction

the large size of the animal, altruism, slow-reproduction, low natural mortality and longevity.

ID and describe human impacts that are leading to this species decline

humans are Hunting them causing them to be an endangered specie, which threatens surviving species of this family in many areas. Manatees are slow-moving, making them easy targets.

stuff we can do to help the manatee's

donate money to organizations, that help to preserve these animals.
don't litter, because manatees are dying by consuming toxic waste
abide by the speed limit in the sea, because there have been large amounts of manatees dying do to the fact that they were hit by a boat.

organizations that help the manatees

save the manatees club- this is an organization that raises money, to be able to preserve these creature, and help manatees that have been hurt.