Anual Exames

Kaleb Higginbotham

Testicular Exams

Q 1- testicle exams ure used to scan for cancer that may be occuring in a mans testicals

Q 2- Only men have to get examined for testicals

Q 3- you should get testicular exams when your about 15 and peak age 35

Q 4- Men should get an exam as often as possible, it can occur at anytime

Prostate Exams

Q 1- these exams are used to test a male for prostate cancer

Q 2- Only men need to get prostate exams

Q 3- Men should start getting them at age 45

Q 4- Men should get a check up every 2-4 years depending on PSA levels


Q 1- Mammogram exams are used to catch early stages of breast cancer

Q 2- These exams are for women

Q 3- Women should get checked regularly after age 40

Q 4- Women should get checked every year or two

Pap Smears

Q 1- Pap smears are tested to see if one has abnormal cells

Q 2- Pap smears are for women only

Q 3- Women should get Pap smears starting at 21

Q 3- Females should get checked every 3-5