Supporting 'FoD' charity

Joy and Joe baby® 5th anniversary fundraiser and giveaway!

Hello Joy and Joe family,

We are raising money to support one of our favorite charities, FOCUS on Disability Foundation (Charity registered in England and Wales: 1157043). FoD is a small charity that is really making a positive impact. Many charities rely on goodwill donations like this to survive, we simply cannot look away so we count on you to support us.

Apart from supporting a good cause, you also stand the chance of winning our special high value prizes (Silk blend SMP and Mixed blend kente ~heritage collection)
To donate via our go fund me page, please click here

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Now we realize that 'Go fund me' will not let us accept less than £5 as part of their policies (see photo below) and they do not accept PayPal as well.

We know that some of you prefer to donate via PayPal because it is quick and convenient, so we have now added the PayPal option as a method of donation.

To donate via PayPal, you can donate anything from £2.50 (per entry) to and we will make the donation on your behalf for all to see. Hence, we will appreciate if you can add a note to let us know what name you will like us to display as yours on our 'Go fund me' page under your paypal donation.

We will be adding several consolation prizes like J&J discount vouchers and our new postcards so there's a good chance that something cute will land at your door. Winners will be chosen randomly using the renowned 'random number generator' so you know that absolutely ANYONE can win! <3

To us at Joy&Joe, your £2.50/£5 donation and support means everything. We don't feel that our 5th year anniversary will be complete without us reaching out with love to those who desperately need support. So please help us to make a real impact that will outlast celebrating with cupcakes :)
Thank you so much,
Bisi O. <3

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About Joy and Joe baby®

In the midst of an exciting era where babywearing is getting very popular, we created Joy and Joe baby® to radically rethink the way wraps carriers are designed and presented to customers.
Over time, we have garnered a reputation for creating durable wrap slings that are also very stylish for parents to wear and most importantly very comfortable and safe for children.
Drawing from our life experiences of nurturing our children from their difficult beginnings in the neonatal ward, we are keen to promote the advantages and joys of carrying and holding babies close to a wider audience.
We continue to infuse a hand finished craftsmanship with a modern style into our wraps, offering mums and dads a very enjoyable wrap carrier that is refreshingly authentic and reliable.