How to Save a Life

By Sara Zarr

What is best for your child? How do you move on? How do you deal with your grief? In How to Save a Life, Jill, Mandy & Robin grapple with these tough questions. Mandy, a pregnant teenager, struggles with the decision of keeping her baby or helping her child get the life she never had. Jill, a high school senior, is just trying to survive as she deals with the sudden death of her father. Robin, suddenly a widow, tries to determine how to move on with her life after the sudden loss of her husband.

In How to Save a Life, their lives intersect as Robin, Jill's mother, decides she wants to adopt a baby and Mandy wants to give her baby up for adoption. Told from the perspectives of both Jill and Mandy, How to Save a Life takes a close look at what happens what life does not turn out exactly how you expect it.

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