top 5 movies of the year

By: Kelsey Renn and Araceli Mendez

All the top 5 movies information

All the top 5 movies are Jaws, Cabin in the woods, Monsieur Lazhar, Chronicle, and The Avengers. These all have a lot of hits the movies have been out in stores for a little bit but they still are amazing.

All of these are top hits

I have heard that all of these movies are great to watch a lot of action if I were you I would go see it. This also gives people a chance to buy these and watch them.

top three movies

Interesting facts about the top movies

Some facts about the number one top movie of twenty twelve

Jaws is an american movie of 1975 but it is still the top movie. It is a thriller movie about this giant shark that attacks these three men. This movie took place in Amity Island.