Sepoy Rebellion

By: Ben,Lucas,Spring,Peyton,Jalen, and Talayah

Beginning of Sepoy Rebellion

The rebellion started on May 10,1857 on a Sunday.It was a surprise to the British,because they didn't see it coming.The campaign to stop the revolt lasted until April 1859.

During the Sepoy Rebellion

The East India company took 150 years to build. After the company was built they were forced to pay 400,000 pounds into the National Exchequer annually. But by 1848 The east india company had financial issues that had reach the point they had to expand the revenue required a massive expansion of the british territories in South Asia. By the end of 1857 the British had complete control over india. Western education was introduced and missionaries eroded. The mutiny of the Sepoy (=negative troops in the british army) The began May 10,1857 The indian soldiers were being put on iron. They were put in iron because they refused to accept the new cartridges. But the soldiers got rescued from their comrades.