Jacob Sanders

Deciduous Forest

Diciduous Forest

A Diciduous Forest is a forest that experiences all four seasons. The trees there shed their leaves in the winter, and some animals hibernate in winter also. The producers in this biome include grass, berries, and seeds. 1st level consumers include grasshoppers, squirrels, and rabbits; 2nd level: mouse and frogs. At the very top of the food web are the primary consumers, these include foxes, snakes, and an owl.

Ways Humans Inpact the Environment

Humans play a big role in the environment. The benefits from a human can be production of CO2 and poop used as fertilizer, but humans can also have a negative effect on the environment too. The cars we use produce toxic chemicals, these chemicals can be one of the reasons for global warming. Humans both benefit the environment and hurt it too.