Honorary Degree

How to List Down a Honorary Degree on a Resume

An honorary doctorate degree is given to an individual who has made extraordinary contribution to that field. Many times honorary degree are awarded to those who already have PhD degrees in that discipline through formal education though in some cases honorary degrees are awarded to those who have no prior association with the field.

Take a look at this article which tells the difference between an honorary and a formal doctorate degree and how to mention it in your resume.

1)The honorary degree will not be listed under the heading of academic qualifications because it was not earned through formal education- rather it will be listed under the heading of awards and recognition for significant contribution to the discipline. It is different from an earned doctorate degree because no academic efforts or research studies had been made to acquire the honorary degree.

2)A student should be careful from where he is getting his honorary degree. There are many websites which sell unaccredited degrees from fake colleges to dupe students. A real honorary degree has always the mark of accreditation from an accredited college. So ensure that if you do want to buy an honorary degree, it belongs to an accredited college.

3)Mentioning an honorary degree in a resume is a good idea and lends importance to the CV. A person should write down the details of the professional or volunteer experience which brought about the bequeathing of this degree. These details will be written down in the work experience section of the resume and will serve to provide your employers details about your work quality and success rate.

4)Be sure that when applying for a job, you have your transcript of college with you. Employers need to verify whether the student really did study the subject and the transcript is a way to do that.