Foreshadowing in Walk Two Moons

By Aiden Hayes

Summary of Walk Two Moons

In the novel Walk Two Moons By Sharon Creech, A 13 year of girl names Sal Takes a trip to see her mother. During this trip with her grandparents she tells a story about her friend Pheobe, the lunatic,and the missing mother.


Through the Novel Walk two moons by Sharon Creech, She uses foreshadowing to give clues to people about upcoming events and actions.

Sals Mom Died in a bus accident

One of the clues that Sharon Creech gave about sals mother died was, "1. Gram and Gramps both knew I wanted to see momma who was resting peacefully." (Creech 6) Then later in this novel states about her fears. "I was terrified of car accidents, death, cancer, brain tumors, nucular war, pregnant women." ect (Creech 13-14)

Grams death

Later on in this exciting novel Sharon Creech gives hints and clues to show gram is dying. "Hows you leg doing gooseberry. gram says Huzza, Huzza in a raspy voice." (Creech 114) another clue is, "I do believe the snake has just had a snack out of my leg." (Creech 95)