Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman


Dan Arthur

Stacey Ronnie Vae

Ryan Mom

Dad Aunt Goldie

Mrs. Smiley Grandma

Grandpa Officer Kelly

The Darlington's


Dan's mom and dad are gone and Arthur, Ryan, and Dan are home alone.

There is a Tornado in their vicinity and they are trapped in Dan's basement.

After the tornado they go get shelter And stay there until the morning.

Ryan was with Mom and Dad now but Dan wasn't.

Dan decided to go to the house he knew his parents would look there for him.

His parents found him and 1 year later they went to live on the farm.



Dan and Arthur wanted to have a sleepover one night. There was tornado watch, but they ignored them. They had fun until the news blocked all the TV shows. Mom went out to find Aunt Goldie. Dan went to get Ryan so he could take him downstairs. He couldn't pick him up so he left him. A little later they knew there was a tornado so they went and got Ryan.

They stayed downstairs. After the tornado the house was wrecked. They couldn't get out.

Stacey had to help them. When they got out they went to find Mom. They found her and she went to the bus with Ryan and Dan, Arthur, And Stacey went to get Mrs. Smiley.

They couldn't get her out . They finally did and brought her back to the bus. Then the bus was full. Someone got up for Mrs. Smiley, Dan Arthur, and Stacey were on their own. They went to rest in jail with other people. In the morning they went to find the rest of the Darlington's and Dan's parents. They found Mr. Darlington but Dan was on his own. He went back to the house and Mom, Dad, and Ryan were there. They picked up Dan and they were all so happy. They went to live on the farm for a couple years. Then they came back to Grand island, Nebraska. They settled with all there friends and they watched the tornado film.


Grand Island, Nebraska. Where Dan and Arthur live.

Storming, Raining, Dark.

Lots of wind.

Police station (Jail).

Dan's house.

Arthur's house.

Grandpa's farm. Where they hang out after the tornado

Kmart. Where they took some of the citizens.

12 o'clock

11 o'clock

Early in the morning.