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Week of January 10, 2022

Our mission: We are a community of learners inspiring each child to explore, grow, and achieve.

Message from the Principal

Dear Hebron Families,

Everyone is settling back into school. It is great to hear the joy of learning!!!

Report cards were sent home Friday. This is a good indication where your child is half way through the year. Please keep reading at home for twenty minutes a night, practice your snap words and do the homework sent home by your child's teacher. This is a tremendous support to also help your child meet the end of the year benchmarks.

In this together!

Mrs. Henry



10- Middle of the year STAR assessements start

17- No school

26- 2-hour delay

27- Hebron Year Book Sale begins- $15.00

28- Design Challenge Due

Covid 19 updates

There have been some questions about isolation and quarantine for NON-SCHOOL COVID exposures. We have included a summary. Please make sure to communicate with the office if your family is in this situation.


  • If an individual tests positive for COVID they are to isolate for 5 days. If their symptoms are resolving, and they are fever free after 5 days, they can return to normal activities on day 6 of isolation as long as they wear a mask for 5 additional days. This is regardless of the individual’s vaccination status.

  • If an individual is exposed to a case of COVID, they are to quarantine for 5 days, and if they are not symptomatic after 5 days, they can return to normal activities on day 6 of their quarantine as long as they wear a mask for 5 additional days.

    • If an individual becomes symptomatic, or tests positive for COVID during their quarantine period, they should contact their healthcare provider and isolate.
    • Individuals that are fully vaccinated (have received a booster or finished the COVID vaccine series less than 6 months prior to being exposed) do not need to quarantine. This is also the case for individuals that have tested positive for COVID in the past 90 days.
    • Last night, the CDC announced that individuals in quarantine should test after their 5th day of quarantine, however testing is extremely limited, and this is only a recommendation.

These guidelines are for non-school exposures, such as household exposures.

Our school guidelines have been updated. They are also available on Lakewood's website: https://lickingcohealth.org/covid-19/covid-19-k-12-school-faqs/

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January: Animals In Winter/Bear Snores On.

Many animals, like Bear, hibernate during the winter. Create an art picture or build a display showing Bear (or another animal) hibernating in their habitat.

Due January 28.

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January Lunch Menu

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Classroom Teacher Emails

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Hebron Office

Mrs. Henry-Principal (nhenry@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)

Mr. Scott Coffey- Dean of Students (scoffey@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)

Mrs. Melissa Harkness- Secretary (melissaharkness@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)

Mrs. Bethany White-Secretary (bmwhite@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)

Mrs. Cheryl Weaver- School Counselor (cweaver@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)

Mrs. Amy Morrison-District Nurse (amymorrison@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)

Mrs. Debbie Miller-Hebron Clinic Aide (dsmiller@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us)