Battered Woman

By : Andrea Merino

Should a woman suffering from battered woman syndrome be held responsible for murder ?

Women who suffer from battered woman syndrome always fear for their lives.

Woman kill abusive men

They are scared of them getting bet up again from there man because their men bet them up for anything little thing they do. Woman go to prison for killing there husbands.

Domestic Violence

The children are also involved. They get hit by there dad and also there mom get bet up. Either the mom or the kid is scared and they kill the person that is betting them up and they got to jail.

Court day

Woman try to save them self by telling the judge that they hit them to save there life's but they go against her also and is just not right. That's why they act fast by killing the men and just stay quite and not say nothing.


Woman got to jail because all they do is kill there husband that is treating them bad. They fear for there lives everyday and every second, minute of the day.

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