Kitchen Safety

Everything you need to know about safety!

Electrical Appliances

1. Use dry hands.

2. Keep appliances away from water.

3. Stand on a dry floor.

4. In case of electrocution, turn off the main power source before touching the person or the appliance.

Knife Safety

1. Sharp knives are safer than dull knives.

2. Store knives with a safety guard over the blade or in a knife block/rack.

3. Apply direct pressure to a severe cut.

4. Always use the proper knife for the job.

5. Use a cutting board and place a damp cloth under the board.

6. Never try catching a falling knife.

Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals

1. Store cleaning supplies away from food.

2. Keep cleaning chemicals in their original containers or have clearly labeled.

3. Do not mix cleaning supplies.

4. Combinations like ammonia & bleach will create a toxic gas.

Avoiding Burns

1. Keep clothing away from heat.

2. Use hot pads when handling hot pans.

3. Lift kids away from face.

4. To extinguish a grease fire, cover with a lid, smother with baking soda, or use a fire extinguisher.

5. Never use water, flour, sugar, on a grease fire.

Avoiding Tripping & Falling

1. Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

2. Use a stool to reach things in high places.

3. Store heavy items on bottom shelves.