Lineville 6th Grade Technology

By: Tyler Pigeon

Typing Web

  • Typing Web is the website that Lineville uses for all the student practice with typing.
  • Everyday the very first thing that the class does is have a 5 minute typing warm up to start class.
  • After all the days of typing web my results have gone up and my goals have been achieved.
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Haiku Deck

  • In Haiku Deck everyone already has a job that they want to do when they get older and then make a presentation on that certain career.
  • Also you have to then present your presentation to the entire class.
  • It is a really fun watching all of the presentations to see what other people want to do as their jobs.
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  • iTrailer is a really fun way to present to others.
  • You figure out some thing that you have done or will do and make a presentation about it like your family, or sports and even more!
  • Its cool to see how other people spend their time and how they display their ideas.
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Explain Everything

  • Everyone in the class gets to pick 1 of the 10 math problems that Mrs. Myers created.
  • Once you do that you have to solve it but explains how to get the answer.
  • Then you record your voice to tell how to solve also. But the point is to practice explaining things in a 21st century way.
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  • In coding you practice programming the computer to do what you want the computer to do!
  • The object of coding is to get the character to do what the computer tells you to do.
  • It also has different features like angry birds, frozen, star wars and more!
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Career Locker

  • Career Locker is the website that we use to help start figuring out what we want to do when we get older.
  • We do different test so that the computer can use that information to suggest different jobs.
  • Its fun to see all of the different jobs that everyone is capable of achieving in their future!
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