Mustang Weekly

Week of April 20th

The goal of life is not to have our lives mean something to ourselves. The goal of life is to have our lives mean something to others. - Simon Sinek

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Our first Geocaching "Meet-Up" was a big success! We'll definitely plan another soon!

No-Waste Lunch Day

Earth Day @ Austin Elem

Earth Day is this coming Wednesday (April 22nd). Austin will be celebrating with a Waste-Free Lunch (see video above). A ParentLink went out to families last week encouraging them to only pack items that fall into 3 categories on Wednesday: edible, reusable, or recyclable. Please encourage your kids to participate!

The Science Content Team also brainstormed several additional ways that we can celebrate. 3rd-5th, we know you may be limited in how you can celebrate given the STAAR test, but feel free to celebrate on Thursday! Here are a few of their ideas...

  • Paper-Free Day
  • Reduced Energy Day
  • Create a PSA for parents or other learners

Tweet out your Earth Day activities with #AustinEarthDay


EOY MAP Testing

All learners will participate in EOY MAP testing. The window runs from 4/27-5/22.

For K-2, the window can open a week early (beginning Monday). Please feel free to take advantage of a quiet testing environment (with 3-5 STAAR) and begin testing early.

Note - The Computer Lab will be unavailable Monday-Wednesday for STAAR. Any early MAP testing would need to be conducted on classroom devices or MacBooks.

STAAR - Active Monitoring

With a heavy round of STAAR testing beginning tomorrow, I must ask that we all pull together to provide a secure testing environment for our kids.

With our most recent round of testing, the district experienced a high level of irregularities. The vast majority were preventable and the result of learners not being actively monitored.

Whether or not you will be serving as a test administrator this week, I must ask the following... Please ensure that learners are actively monitored at all times during testing. This includes testing rooms, restrooms, hallways, Clinic, & cafeteria. Please speak with Brandon or me regarding any concerns or questions.

5th Grade Reading STAAR

On Friday, we received the preliminary 5th Grade Reading STAAR results. I would like to congratulate our 5th grade team and support staff. We saw growth almost across the board for this group of learners! When comparing this group of kids' results on the 5th grade STAAR as compared to last year on their 4th grade STAAR, the growth is something to be proud of and speaks to the dedication of this group of educators as they looped up from 4th grade.

Here are a few highlights...

  • Overall passing percentage - 2014 = 86% / 2015 = 91%
  • Overall advanced achievement - 2014 = 32% / 2015 = 37%
  • African American - 2014 = 64% / 2015 = 82%
  • Hispanic - 2014 = 79% / 2015 = 73%
  • Eco. Dis. - 2014 = 77% / 2015 = 84%
  • LEP - 2014 = 75% / 2015 = 78%

These results may not be shared with learners or parents until we receive the "okay" from the district. Learners that did not pass will retake the test in May.

Morning Announcements

Class - Matthews

Life Principle - Resiliency

Quote - "Consider the postage stamp: It secures success by sticking to one thing until it gets there." - Author Unknown

Healthy Tip - Try lots of different types of exercises. It doesn't matter if you are the best or the fastest, as long as you are having fun.

Week At A Glance...

  • Today kicks of Secretary Week! Join me in celebrating Missie and Jenny!
  • STAAR - 5th Grade Math
  • Lunch provided
  • K-2 may begin testing MAP


  • STAAR - 3rd/4th Math
  • Lunch Provided
  • 3:30 - Varidesk delivery!
  • Happy Birthday Jennifer!


  • STAAR - 3rd/4th Reading / 5th Science
  • Lunch Provided
  • 3:30 - Information Literacy Course "Wrap-Up" - Library - 20-30 minutes
  • Earth Day! #AustinEarthDay


  • *Make-up STAAR*
  • Brown Bag Lunch
  • Happy Birthday Janie!


  • Mustang Mutual
  • E-Time / Clusters
  • 2:30 - Girl Scout Ladybug Release for Earth Day (Garden)
  • Educator Summative Self-Reflections due in Appraise

Sunday - Happy Birthday Patti!

Looking Ahead...

  • Monday, April 27th - MAP Window officially opens
  • Tuesday, April 28th - Quick Team Leader Meeting - 3:30
  • Wednesday, April 29th - Progress Report Grades Due
  • Wednesday, April 29th - no after school meeting
  • Thursday, April 30th - All Flex Hours due in Eduphoria
  • Thursday, April 30th - 1st/2nd Showcase Setup
  • Thursday, April 30th - 4th Grade Musical
  • Friday, May 1 - Rise & Shine / ACES
  • Friday, May 1 - 1st/2nd Grade Cluster Showcase