Interesting Facts

Fast Facts

  • Platinum is a greyish-white colour.
  • It is as almost as dense as gold with a density of 195.23.
  • Platinum is very rare, each year 15 times more gold is mined than platinum.
  • It doesn't get wrecked by air or water and doesn't tarnish.
  • Platinum is also hypoallergenic so it makes it popular in jewellery.
  • Many famous diamonds are set in platinum because they go well together. These include the Star of Africa and the Hope Diamond.
  • The total amount of platinum mined could not fill a swimming pool.


At the moment platinum is selling at about $1572. A plain platinum wedding ring would cost about $1163 and a platinum ring with a diamond set in it would cost about $2164.

Where it's Found?

Only a few places around the world are able to mine Platinum, these include South Africa, Russia and Canada. South Africa currently mine 80% of the platinum which sounds a lot but is tiny compared to other metals. Russia mines 10% of platinum and the other 10% is mined by various countries.