God of the Arts, Sun, and Archery ( Anna H., Jane E.)

Summery of Apollo

The Python Story:

Zeus and Leto had twins named Apollo and Artemis. Hera was upset Zeus cheated on her so she sent a python after Leto. Apollo (being 4 at the time) killed the python with his bow and arrow. Thats how Apollo became the god of archery.

Daphne story:

Eros wanted revenge on Apollo so he shot Apollo with a gold arrow that would make him fall in love with the first person he saw.He saw Daphne the nymph.Then Eros shot Daphne with a lead arrow that made her hate the first person she saw she saw Apollo.So Apollo started chasing her and she ran to her father and asked for help because she didn't want to marry so he turned her into a tree.

The Interview with Apollo


Anna:Hi Apollo!

Apollo: Hi.

Anna:So what kind of things are you the god of?

Apollo:I'm the god of archery,the arts,strength,and the sun.

Anna:What are your symbols.

Apollo:My symbols are a circle with a dot in it,a lyre,a dolphin,and a crow.

Anna:Who are the people you had to defeat in your life?

Apollo:I defeated python when I was four and Eros hit me with an arrow.

Anna:Who are your friends you met on your many travels?

Apollo: I met the Muses and Helios.

Anna:Who are some of your family members?

Apollo:I have my father Zeus,my mother Leto,and my twin sister Artimis.

Anna:Where did you live and grow up?

Apollo:I lived on Mount Olympis.

Anna:What deaths were you and your sister blamed for?

Apollo:The children of Niobe and the queen of Thebes.

Anna:Who were the people that you loved?

Apollo:I loved Daphne and Corinis.

Anna:And finally,what were your conflicts?

Apollo:Fighting python and chasing Daphne?

Apollo's family tree:

How Apollo and are Chris Hemsworth alike and different

How Apollo and Chris are alike

They have similar appearance.

They are both into the arts.

Chris played a god in a movie and Apollo is an actual god.

They both have children.

They're both strong and wealthy.

They're both tall.

How Apollo and Chris are not alike.

Chris has a daughter and Apollo has two sons.

Chris is Australian and Apollo is Greek.

Apollo is a real god and Chris only plays one.

Apollo makes music and Chris doesn't.

Chris doesn't symbols but Apollo does.

Apollo was born in Olympus and Chris was born in Melbourne.