Praying mantisis


Life Cycle

First praying mantises go through egg. Then nymph. Then adult. When a egg case opens hundreds of mantises emerge. When they come out they eat each other.


Praying mantises live in Africa and North America in grass lands and jungles. They also live in China and other places.

Interesting Facts

1. Did you know praying mantises get there name from crossing there front legs?
2. They eat any kind of bug.


Head then thorax then abdomen with a exoskeleton. Organs are in the abdomen. They have spines on there arms and hands. They have six legs and to of them are hands.


When a mantis female mats it kills the male. 1 egg case holds 100 or more eggs in it. They hatch in 2 weeks.


They eat cockroaches and crickets, birds, frogs, and butterflies and other insects.