Newsletter nº2


Welcome to the second issue of the GLOBAL PLACE's Newsletter*!

Today we are glad to share with you important updates, such as a brand new report on local activities and a website's makeover you'll fall in love with. As you can see, the project is finished but we keep on working, and will keep on bringing fresh news from our global platform.

In the future we plan to issue 2 more newsletters and each one of them will be focusing on special theme:

  • Publication on SDGs - we are currently preparing the t-kit with the different methods to use in the youth work dealing with the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Results of the project - the last edition of the newsletter, summarizing what the project has achieved.

Ready? Steady? Can you already smell the taste of international conferences, exposition on SDGs, talks and reflections? Well, this is just the beginning. Enjoy reading!

* = GLOBAL PLACE stands for Global Partnership for Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating

A new face for our website

The web has been created in 2012 within the framework of the project Silk Roads to EVS, which was carried out by a partnership of 8 European and Asian organizations working in the voluntary field. The main idea was to create an online space that could facilitate young people and youth organizations with knowledge and tools for organizing EVS projects with a global dimension.

During the past 4 years many things has changed: the funding programme is not the same anymore (Youth in Action changed into ERASMUS+), the action dedicated only to EVS with other partner countries of the world has disappeared, a new action called Capacity Building has been created, partnership has grown and we started working on new issues apart from EVS (Sustainable Development Goals or employability). We realized that the website needed to change as well.

So, there you go: we provided with new objectives, contents and interface.

From now on, the website will be used for:

  • Publishing calls for volunteers with global dimension - as our partnership still has as a main goal to create the quality volunteering placements for young people. We don't expect to have always a lot of vacancies, we are not establishing a huge database where every young person can find his/her dream project, but we hope to at least create an interesting selection of offers for some of them.
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience - because among our partnership, we developed a lot of expertise in the area of volunteers management, and we hope that this page can be useful for all the organizations who are planning to undertake similar projects
  • Giving the visibility to the projects carried out within the partnership - so we will be able to find all the materials, publications, approached etc.
  • Promoting volunteering - as we do believe that volunteering is one of the best ways to boost personal development and living important experiences that will help young people approaching the labor market. Therefore we put so much effort to create the volunteering placements for young people, and share the information about the EVS and other volunteering possibilities.

The content we have collected so far has not been forgotten of course, you will find everything we have built together, together with new materials, publications and projects. We believe that the new interface will help users in the research of projects and information. Please, have a look at it and give us feedbacks, they are always welcome!

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GLOBAL PLACE - An Informative Report, is out!

In the past weeks, we have collected all the information that each partner shared us about the dissemination events. It came out a pretty cool informative report where you can find resumes, materials and datas from 16 different countries. Aren't you curious about what the other partners did to promote the Sustainable Development Goals among their communities? In this issue, our platform's richness in diversity comes out even clearer.

So thank you so much or your contributions, enjoy reading and share it as much as you can!

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission