Pickerington Tiger Sharks

The Big Game Fundraiser (Where You Can BE A Winner)

Attention Tiger Sharks Fans:
It's time again for our annual fundraiser for the start of the 2023 season for the Big Game next weekend!

Please share with everyone who supports the Tiger Sharks. Let’s sell out those squares so we can make this fundraiser for our swimmers a success! Plus, you have a chance to win $100 or MORE!

Last year we sold out in less than a week, so get your squares today! Details below!

The final grid with name placement will be sent out and posted on social media on Sunday afternoon, February 12th.


We would like to welcome Susan Mitman (Secretary) and Nick Shaw (Tech Officer) to the board this year. We are still looking for the following positions.

Congrats to Mayson Reed for getting promoted to Assistant Coach for the upcoming season. Mayson has been a junior coach and swimmer with the Tiger Sharks in previous years. We are so excited to see her move up the ranks!

Our immediate needs for the Board:

Concessions (This is a necessary position that helps make things easier for the general parent population. If we don't fill this position, the concession stand will need items donated by parents)

President (current President will show you the ropes to help ease you into your position, will also stay on as an advisory position next year for 2024.)

Big picture

Open Coach Staff Positions

  • Do you know someone who is a natural leader with a strong, competitive drive?
  • Do you know someone who has a background in competitive swim that loves working with kids?
  • Do you know someone looking to lead and build up the next generation of swimmers?

The Tiger Sharks are starting our search for a 2023 Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, and Junior Coaches. Please contact tigersharks.us@gmail.com if you know someone with these qualifications who could be interested in a position for the upcoming season.

Important Upcoming Dates

Please add these events to your calendars:

  • February 3rd: The Big Game Squares fundraiser begins!
  • February 26, 2023: Executive Board Meeting - 3pm @ Combustion
  • Mid March 2023 - Open House
  • March 2023 - Registration Opens
  • May 30th: Season begins