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Transformers area unit devices that transfer energy from one circuit to a different by suggests that of a standard flux. It is a static device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. A variable current within the primary creates a variable magnetic flux within the transformer core and therefore a variable magnetic flux through the secondary. This variable magnetic flux induces a variable voltage or voltage within the secondary.

Transformers place size from thumbnail-sized employed in microphones to units deliberation many tons interconnecting the ability grid. a large vary of electrical device styles area unit employed in electronic and electrical power applications.

Main constructional components of transformers:

Primary Winding - that produces magnetic flux once it is connected to electrical source?

Magnetic Core - the magnetic flux created by the first winding, can labor under this low reluctance path coupled with secondary and creates a closed magnetic circuit.

Secondary Winding - the flux, created by primary, passes through the core, can link with the secondary. This winding is additionally wound on identical core and offers the required output of the electrical device.

Basic principles:

The regulation of electrical device is extremely straightforward. It depends upon Faraday\'s law of magnetic force induction. really mutual induction between 2 or additional winding is to blame for transformation action in AN electrical electrical device. A electrical device makes use of Faraday\'s law and therefore the magnetic force properties of AN iron core to expeditiously raise or lower AC voltages.

It after all cannot increase power in order that if the voltage is raised, this is proportionately down and contrariwise.

Types of Transformer:

Transformers will be categorised in several ways that, relying upon their purpose, use, construction etc. the kinds of electrical device area unit as follows,

Step Up electrical device & Step Down electrical device - usually used for stepping up and down the voltage level of power in transmission.

Three section electrical device & Single section electrical device - Former is mostly employed in 3 section power grid because it is price effective than later however once size matters it\'s preferred to use bank of 3 Single section electrical device because it is simpler to move 3 single section unit individually than one single 3 section unit.

Electrical Power electrical device, Distribution electrical device & Instrument electrical device. electrical device usually employed in transmission network is often called Power electrical device, distribution electrical device is employed in distribution network and this can be lower rating electrical device and current electrical device & potential electrical device, we have a tendency to use for relay and protection purpose in electric power system and in several instruments in industries area unit known as Instrument electrical device.

Two Winding & machine electrical device - Former is mostly used wherever quantitative relation between High Voltage and Low Voltage is bigger than a pair of. It is price effective to use later wherever the quantitative relation between High Voltage and Low Voltage is a smaller amount than a pair of. Outdoor & Indoor electrical device - designed for putting in at outside Indoor electrical device.

OTDS Ltd, we have a tendency to offer all overhead line material as well as Power Transformers, steel poles, picket poles, overhead line hardware, insulators and Distribution Transformers.

Established in 1978, OTDS has vast experience with a range of power distribution networks, supplying the Oil, Gas, Utility and Mining industries Worldwide.


OTDS operates by supplying complete distribution networks between 240v - 132kV. We can design your entire electrical distribution network and supply all the required materials to get your project live, whatever the size.