All Summer in a Day

Ray Bradbury

Plot Summary

'All Summer in a Day' is a short story exploring the conflict between a young girl and her classmates. The story is set on the planet Venus where it is constantly raining and the sun is said to appear only once every seven years. Margot, the young girl, is quite different from the rest of her classmates as she had experienced living on Earth unlike them and she is constantly accused of lying, as she believed the sun would appear and her classmates show their resentment of her superiority by locking her in a cupboard. In this story the children experience seeing and playing in the sun, and something inside them changes and they realise Margot was just a young girl like them; hoping for forgiveness and finally show some sympathy for her as they have realised what they had done is selfish and wrong. This story doesn't only change Margot but it changes the childrens life forever.