Fall, 2014 Library Leaflet for BSHS Wildcats

Blue Springs High School, Miss Hannah, Grades 10-12

· FYI: The library is open at 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. In addition, please visit during Wildcat Hour tutoring time to receive help with research, check out a new book, or work with friend.

· A friendly reminder: Make sure that no food or drink is brought into the library.

· Database recommendation of the month: Gale—Opposing Viewpoints and Resource Center. This database will allow you to see research on both sides of controversial social issue. This is a great database for your upcoming argumentative research paper.

Contest Alert: Reading with the Stars

During the month of November, students have the opportunity to choose from the “Reading with the Stars” book list of novels that have or will be movies. Examples include classics like Enders Game and recent novels like The Glass Castle that will be released as a movie soon. Students will choose one book to read over the course of the month. After you complete your novel, you will write a book review—giving your book one, two or three stars and describe why you enjoyed or did not enjoy the novel. If the student reads a book and writes a review, he/she will be entered into a drawing to receive a free movie ticket!

What Miss Hannah is Reading Now...

Author Spotlight: Matthew Quick

You may recognize the name, Matthew Quick, by his two most popular novels—The Silver Linings Playbook and Boy 21. Quick has several other young adult novels including Sorta Like a Rock Star and Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock. Quick is the perfect author for teenagers since he knows what it is like to be around them on a daily basis. Prior to becoming an author, Quick was a high school literature and film teacher. When asked to describe why he became a novelist, Quick responded—“I wanted to write something that my non-fiction friends could pick up and enjoy. As writers, we shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to entertain." Entertainment is something Quick does best—his novel topics range from basketball, murder of a best friend, unlikely love, and homeless teens. Pick up a Matthew Quick book in your Blue Springs library today!

Cover-to-Cover Book Club Meets October 26th!

BSHS book club is open to any student who enjoys reading and discussing their favorite books with their peers. The club will meet during Wildcat Hour Shift A to determine the first three books that the club will focus on. During each month, club members will read their chosen book and meet during the last Wednesday of the month to enjoy treats, talk about the story, create crafts, and complete fun activities. Come meet with friends and get lost in a book!

Teacher Tips and Tricks

Prezi: Prezi is a presentation software that allows one to zoom through their ideas, show how all of the concepts are connected to each other, and allows one to incorporate images and video. Take a break from your typical PowerPoint presentation and try it today! using, this website is adaptive to student’s vocabulary levels. The site has over 120,000 multiple-choice questions that will help your students better prepare for writing and standardized testing. this is an excellent website for history and English teachers (especially AP Lang & Comp) who want to show student milestone documents of American history. You can even see the documents in their original form.

What Does Being a Wildcat Mean to You