The American Revolution

Open Note Summative Assignment

How did the 13 colonies win a war and revolution against England?

American's Strength's

- They had different countries around the globe willing to help them. Like France for example, they gave the Americans 90% of the gunpowder they had.

- The American's had George Washington. He was a good well experienced leader that had experience with the British before. When in came down to the dark days George Washington was the one holding the Continental Army together.

- John Martin just one of the people that willingly lost they're life to defend the ideal of a country based on liberty and democracy.

American's Weakness's

- The Continental Army was always short of men. They never had more than 20,000 troops at one place at a time. Most or the troops that enlisted were farmers, some of them could not stay away from home for long so they only enlisted for 6 months to a year

- Few American were trained for battle or to hunt. Some were well enough to stand behind a tree and shoot but when faced with danger like the well disciplined redcoats they were likely to turn and run.

- Supplies were minimal, the gun powder was running out, guns were scarce. They supplies were so minimal Benjamin Franklin even suggested arming the troops with Bow and arrows. Food was scarce also, they were so short on food the troops had to beg for handout's.

Main reasons that the Contanential Army won