Burnside Elementary School

Media Notes

Book Exchange-Readers are Leaders

Burnside students enjoyed sharing books with classmates by participating a Book Exchange. Students brought loved books that they have out grown and exchanged them with classmates to get books that they read and enjoy. Close to 200 books were exchanged.

Burnside Summer Themed Read In

Burnside students and faculty and enjoyed the warm weather and a chance to read a good book. This is the second year that all of Burnside goes out to the court yard with beach towels or blankets and reads. The younger students get to participate by having story time with Coach Simpson, Dr. Miles, and Mrs. Lybrand. It was a great time for all.

Apps and Websites

Comic Relief

Quote for the Month

"School libraries are the great equalizer. Contrary to public opinion, not every kid in America has access to the Internet.”

Carol Daniels, Principal of London Elementary School in Ohio.