Vincent Kuteyi, 1-11-16, Grade 7th

Cornell note-taking

The first day, I ever took a Cornell note I was so confused on what to do. As, I got on to learning it the notes started to help me in many ways by me having better memorization skills on test or any assignment, understanding problems, and better note taking skills. Cornell notes has prepared me for the future so, now I know what i'm doing and how I can do it any time my teacher is explaining it.


When I was without organization, I was a wreck, all my my stuff from my binder was crumbled up, torn, or just lost in the millions of papers in my binder. All of my projects were ruined especially because I always smashed my papers in. But, when AVID came to my life about organization I felt like I was drowning in the middle of the ocean and a lifeguard save me but, in this case AVID saved me. My organization skills have gotten better now I can find papers easily, no more wrinkles on my paper, and I don't smash my papers anymore.


Tutorials were amazing to me because all of the people in my group helped me threw serious work problems that I didn't understand threw my teacher and has helped me by doing things in order, reading more carefully, and listening more fully.

Writing Skills

Writing Skills has helped with my comma placement because as I was going threw changes in my language arts class my teacher decides to teach about comma placement but, I didn't know at all. But when I decided to take Cornell notes to remember and practice my writing I was so excited because I remembered that in AVID that if you don't understand something try to take note on it to practice and I did so, now I am good at comma placement.

Community Service

Community Service makes me feel great about myself because I know that I am helping people out and making a difference to the world. When AVID did the community work thing I was all in, the reason is that I like when I put a smile on someones face because I've done something very helpful and very nice.

What I want to happen next semester ?

I want to have new goals that can help me threw my life, Get my grades up to all A's, Start to practice more often, and try to have better memorization skills. So, when I turn thirteen I can be more a successful person then I was when I was 12 yrs old.