Galileon Moon Io

By: Daniela Villarreal

About Io

Io was discovered by Galileo in 1610, it was originally named Jupiter I but then changed to 'Io'. Io is also called "The Volcanic Moon" because it is the most volcanic object in the galaxy.

Io's Physical Features

Io has a lot of volcanic activity, therefore all the magma that cooled fills in all the craters that Io has making it have a very smooth surface. Io can reach temperatures up to 4000F

and can go down to -230F. Io has three layers, the crust that is always renewing itself, the mantle that is full of magma, and the core that gives Io a magnetic field.

Volcanic Activity on Jupiter's moon Io


-Io's orbit is knocked off of balance because moons like Ganymede and Europa interfere with it.

-Io is the third largest moon surrounding Jupiter

-5th from Jupiter

-Io either has a really small chance of sustaining life or no chance at all

Jupiter's moon Io: A Volcanic Inferno

Io info

Distance from the Earth- 390,400,000 miles

Orbit time- 42 hours

Discovered- 1610 by Galileo Galilei