Attn: Louisiana Insurance Agents

Are you missing the BP boat?

The average business claim is over $200,000.

Do you have clients who live, work, or own a business in the BP Deepwater Horizon settlement zones? They may be eligible to participate in the largest class action settlement in history. The entire state of Louisiana is included in the settlement. As their trusted insurance advisor, you have an opportunity to provide excellent service to your clients.

ClaimsComp has developed a unique, risk free "back office" claims service that allows professional firms to focus on their core business, while ClaimsComp handles their claim processing. Our Strategic Service Partner Program is designed for people like you to develop an additional source of income, while serving your clients, and avoiding the time and hassle of filling claims.

Download our ebook

Find out the basics. Click the link to download our ebook, Understanding the New BP Settlement, a guide for Gulf Coast Business Owners.

Please call me to find out how ClaimsComp can help your practice meet the needs of your clients with the leading Deepwater Horizon claims platform available. And we can start by evaluating whether your firm qualifies for a settlement with a no-cost evaluation – just click here to get started. I have asked Jim Tidwell, one of our experienced Claims Managers ( or 678-507-1583), to follow up with you about our strategic partner program.

Joe Briner

Chief Operating Officer
ClaimsComp, Inc.