April Proposition Updates

Robinson Elementary

Another email???

Yep, be ready for another hit to your inbox! The info regarding the April proposition is just too important, and the timeline is just so quick, I want to be sure you are hearing the most updated and accurate information.

I will be using multiple forums to share info ~ updates like this, the Robinson Sunday Update, New To Robinson Updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and PTO meetings.

Bottom line, though, is that there will be lots of info coming at you and I am here to help. If I don't know the answer, I will put you in touch with someone who does.

Always feel free to reach out directly and we will make time to talk!

Jennifer Sisul


The Board approved the green option as part of the District’s Enrollment Growth Strategy. The option selected includes building a K-5 elementary school on District property on Lindeman and Dougherty Ferry, often referred to as the “Lindeman property.” The bond proposal also includes classroom additions, other facility improvements, and safety and accessibility improvements throughout the District.

There is additional information at: kirkwoodschools.org/strategy

If approved by the voters, the bond would also cover the cost for constructing and renovating:

  • a gym and a library at Tillman;
  • secure entrances at KECC, North Glendale Elementary and Kirkwood High School;
  • seven classrooms at Kirkwood High School through construction and renovation;
  • four classrooms at Nipher Middle School;
  • renovating the Administrative Services Center to provide eight classrooms for North Kirkwood Middle School;
  • the maintenance facility to include office space for the displaced Administrative Services Center.

The total cost of the proposal is $70 million. Building the elementary school costs $40 million and the projects at the other schools cost $30 million.

What's in it for Robinson?? (Part 1 of the answer!)

Questions I am getting currently are from people wondering how Robinson will benefit? (guess I’m not the only one biased towards 803 Couch!). I can emphatically share that Robinson will benefit by some breathing room due to a reduction in our enrollment when the proposed new school opens.

This may feel like a wishy-washy answer but consider:

  • A reduction in enrollment will allow us to have flexibility in our classroom space usage (hello families with kids in rooms 103, 203, 110, 210 for example) and we will not have to squish 25 big kids into a room that is half the size (not exaggerating) of a Kindergarten or first grade room.

  • If you have been at school during the day, you have seen kids working with staff in hallways and stairwells. With fewer kids (thus classrooms) we can take away distractions and get kids out of the hallways or out of rooms not designed to be used for instruction.

  • With fewer kids, we will need fewer sections per grade level and not have to have 6 lunch shifts. Another benefit is that currently, our grade levels with 5 sections receive less art, music and PE. Reducing the number of sections will let everyone have the appropriate amount of art, music and PE.

  • We still have a waiting list for Adventure Club; there is just enough space! I am going to have to turn down having outside after school opportunities for our kids because we need more room for Adventure Club enrollment.

  • When I see how hard our kids and staff work on projects like Veterans Day or Spring Sing and then we have to worry that not everyone who wants to attend will even fit in the room....it is just frustrating and sad.

Enrollment Numbers and Projections

Big picture

Part 2 of the Answer!

Ok, all that being said....we know our facility has "issues!"

Robinson staff and parents put a LOT of time and effort into the Master Facilities Plan two years ago. A committee with parents, staff, central office staff and architects met over 6 months or so to establish a list of needs and priorities that are part of the Master Facilities Plan ~ and that plan has been part of this process.

Some of the things Robinson has listed are more relevant than others ~ for instance, we prioritized a secure entryway and the district was able to do that for us already. We will have to go back to the lists in the plan and see what other things/issues are there. The Facilities Master Plan by building is available at this link.

Robinson’s priorities are at this link.

KSD Board of Education Meeting January 13, 2020

Monday, Jan. 13th, 7-9pm

11287 Manchester Road

Kirkwood, MO

Please join the online webinar. The webinar can only accommodate 500 participants. If you cannot get online, the meeting will be posted to the District's YouTube Channel.

To clarify, the decision to put the bond referendum on the April ballot is final. What is being discussed on Monday is the actual ballot language, which will go to the St. Louis County Board of Elections.

February 4th PTO Meeting: April Proposition

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 6:30-8pm

803 Couch Avenue

Kirkwood, MO

Reps from the KSD Central Office team will join us for updates and questions.