A Young Teen's Skills For Sale

Many skills for sale in Mississauga, just read below

Caleb Lau

I am willing to help my community with anything! I am very excited to be working for you soon!

I am a young man with tons of energy stored in me, and I have no problem with using that stored energy to help others.

Young and strong

As a 14 year old, im 5"11' and strong. I can help anyone out with simple chores around the house. Mowing your lawn, vacuuming your house, shoveling your drive way, anything you want! Just call the number in my bio if you are interested.

Much more!

When you hire someone to work on your property, you expect them to respect your property and do a good job. Well, that's why you should hire me! For 6 years, i have been competitive soccer. I have worked hard and now I'm in the OYSL (Ontario Youth Soccer League. For my soccer games, I travel all across Ontario. To get to this level of soccer took determination and perfection. This shows in my everyday life. I am determined when I have a task to please the person whom I have to. For this reason, when you hire me, you won't be let down and you can trust me.

People with kids

When your kids grow up, do you want them to remember when you left them with that boring babysitter? I'm guessing not. That's when i come in. I can change your son or daughters child hood experience, starting by teaching them lifelong skills. I can teach them hot to play soccer to a high level, how to swim and hot to save a life. First, in the text above, i have explained how I am good at soccer. I can use this skill to teach your kid. He or she can show of in school his or hers skill to their friends. Then can even play in a league if they wanted to. Second,