Mexican Migration to Minnesota

By; Bree Johnson

Ravenstein's laws of Migration

Used; Migrants traveling long distances usually settle in urban areas, most migration is rural to urban, most international migrants are young males. They usually settle in the core cities of Saint Paul because of all the job opportunities. The young males travel more because they work and send the money back to their families.

Not used; most migrants only travel a short distance, most migration occurs in steps, each migration flow produces a movement in the opposite direction, most migrants are adults aged 20-24

Push & Pull Factors

Push; high crime rate, the climate and natural hazards in Mexico, unemployment and poverty.

Pull; available jobs, better economy, better education

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Likely Jobs


Most mexican immigrants settle in the core cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis because there is a lot of available jobs and more living areas.
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Mexican teens who immigrate to the United States, sometimes without their parents, are struggling to combine education and work to provide economic security for their families. Also there is a lot of competition for jobs.
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Mexican flag

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