Mrs. Rotello's Class News

March 4, 2013-March 8, 2013

Here is what we are learning about this week:

Langauge Arts: Letter "W,w" and sight words: "Put, Seven"

Math: Calendar

Social Studies: Review previous concepts

Science: Continuing the sun and stars

I am so impressed with all of the community buildings the children are bringing in, thanks for your support with this outside project! They all look great and will be displayed in the glass display case in the hallway for the entire month of March!!

Upcoming Events and Holidays

March 11th-15th: Spring Break - Please have a FUN and SAFE Spring Break!!!!

March 29th: School Holiday

March Birthdays:

9th - Devin Oatis

30th - Sapphire Wilson

Contact Info.

Conference Period - 1:25-2:10 (Please know that conferences can also take place before/after school to better accomodate your schedule).