5th Grade News

December 2013 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

12/18/13 Cougar reward Special Craft project.

* December Health unit Child Abuse Prevention

*December 3, 4, &5 CogAT testing for all students at 1:30-2:30

What's Happening in fifth grade

Important News For Fifth Grade
All fifth grade students will be taking the CogAT test for GT placement in middle school.
The test will be given during our math sessions on December 3,4,5 (1:30-2:30 each day).
PLease note that this is not something that students can study for. Please try to not schedule doctors appointments during the test times.

  • The weather is starting to really take a turn, as temperatures fall please remember to send your children in dressed for out door recess. Hats, gloves, coats and long pants are recommended.
  • The Fifth grade is doing some interesting writing this month. We have been working on opinion writing and will be starting a research project. Students will be asked to write a news article and use multiple forms of research in their writing. This activity is planned to be an in class activity.
  • The students will be working on a wonderful unit in science where they look at the properties of matter, how they exist in the scientific world and how they relate to the Chesapeake Bay.
  • In Social studies the classes are diving deep into the causes of the revolutionary war as they look at events that shaped our nation and the role of loyalists and patriots. The final unit will be looking at the writing of the Declaration of Independence.
  • 5th grade math is working on fractions. Adding, subtracting, comparing, simplifying, finding equivalent fractions and eventually multiplying and dividing. The 6th grade math is continuing with integers, positive and negative numbers. They will be expressing rational numbers in order, on number lines, ordering rational and absolute values. Gt math will be exploring proportions, ratios and rates.


This January, 5th graders will participate in an Engineering is Elementary unit during Technology and Science classes. They will be designing, building, testing, and improving water filtration systems. We are currently looking for donations of empty 1L & 2L clear soda bottles for this unit. We will need approximately 50 of each. So before you recycle, please consider rinsing and sending yours in to Mrs. Trudden in Technology class so we can reuse them for our project! Thank you in advance!

The Fifth Grade Team

Laura Harvey, Team Leader - laura_harvey@hcpss.org
Jon Cayer, Teacher - jon_cayer@hcpss.org
Cory Geissler, Teacher - cory_geissler@hcpss.org
Amy Rabinowitz, Teacher - amy_rabinowitz@hcpss.org
Jennifer Stahl, Teacher - jennifer_stahl@hcpss.org
Chris Malen, Para Professional - christine_malen@hcpss.org