Earth's Wonders

By Parker

What evidence is there that the plates are moving?

Have you noticed how the continents look like a puzzle? Or how about when earthquakes happen it looks like part of a shape? There are two types of plates. the first is oceanic. The second is continental. Alfred Wegener created the theory of continental drift.

Erosion Around the World

What is erosion?

Erosion is the destruction of the landscape bit by bit by three main types. The first type is wind. Wind can blow away bit by bit of dirt, sand, and small rocks. The second type is water. Water eats away at everything it can get to. The final type is ice. Giant glaciers can cut into the landscape creating new terrain.

Bones and Fossils

The Wonder of Rocks

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Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is a cycle that shows how rock are made and destroyed. There are three types of rocks. the first is igneous. The second is metamorphic. The third is sedimentary.
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Minerals can form in two ways. The first is by evaporation. The second is by hot water solutions. We identify them using these tests: color, streak, luster, density, hardness, crystal systems, cleavage, and fracture.

My Favorite Part

I loved the part where we made this FLYER!! I thought this was really fun. We should do it again.