Putnam City High School--Darrell Ray Instructor

Preview of the Year!

Labs, Labs, and more Labs--well at least 25% of class-time will be spent in the Lab.

Problems, Problems and more Problems--Yes, I know, you don't really look forward to this. But part of learning Chemistry is working with the data we collect from the labs, and in order to do this--you need to learn how by doing problems!

Tests--there won't be a lot of tests but they will be designed to prepare you to take the AP test in the Spring.

Contact Me

You can call the school (405) 789-4350 ext. 2198

E-mail me at: dray@putnamcityschools.org

Visit my web page: https://sites.google.com/site/mrrayssciencepage/

My planning period is from 11:20-12:15--please call during this time or before or after school.