More Movements in the 60's

Other groups wanted equality too

The Movement becomes less Civil

Before we talk about the other groups' movements, lets finish talking about the change in the CRM into a militant one.


-Black Power

-Black Panthers


-Malcolm X

Together, lets discuss ghettos

The 1960s in America: Crash Course US History #40

Quick Assessment - Hands down when...

-Groups that were seeking rights?

-Environment Question

-New CRM Methods

Assignment: Compare the 3

Write one page (being turned in, so fresh sheet) comparing the women's, Chicano, and American Indian Movements in the 60's. You can use the information below to help form your ideas.

Day 2

The 1960s - The Women's Movement

Women's Movement

Reasons for Women's Movement:

-dissatisfaction with normal women's roles

-influence of Civil Rights Movement

-changing attitude - many saw woman's lower status as result of male domination

-leadership - Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem

-sexual revolution

Actions and Outcomes:

-Nat'l Organization of Women

-More opportunities in schools

-Better Wages

-Roe v Wade - abortion law, allows abortion

-Title IX - more women's sports and stuff like that in schools

Chicano Movement of the 1960s

Chicano Movement

Hector Garcia - rallied for equality in facilities

Cesar Chavez - organized farmers in California

Dolores Huerta - worked with Chavez

Murals - paintings to show their displeasure, similar to music that was used to protest

American Indian Movement

American Indian Movement

Red Power - same idea as black power

Autonomy - wanted to be allowed to govern themselves

Assignment - Define each of the Court Cases

-Mendez vs Westminster

-Delgado vs Bastrop

-Hernandez vs Texas

-White vs Regester

-Edgewood vs Kirby

Socrative Quiz