Team 13 News

December 12, 2014


Students have been busy working as a team to make good choices, and raise the bar. Congratulations to our recent red paw "Raise the Bar" paw recipients: Jenna, Garrett, Dakota, Cooper and Heidi. Certainly, as classmates inspire each other, there will be more red paws to come!

Writer's Workshop

We have been working hard in grade 3, and at Seylar to increase our writing stamina. Students are learning that in grade 3 there is no longer a "sloppy copy and final copy". After the recent visit from our visiting author, Julie Saab, and her illustrator-husband, David Gothard, students are coming to recognize that quality products take time to produce. A writer/artist is always going back to their work and making changes/revisions so their work is the best it can be. The students' pieces are evolving into special treasures.

Dates to Remember

  • Tinseltown TONIGHT! --8 pm
  • Monday grade 3 has strings lessons, try to remember instruments
  • Monday is also library, so books need to be in school
  • Our spelling test/reading skills check will be Friday, the 19th
  • Winter Solstice Tree Building on the 21st (yum)
  • No sign and return packets next week; students will be shown their Unit 4 math test grade; however, tests will be submitted to Mr. Roe for monthly reviewing