Welcome To The Planet Of Neptune!

The Best Planet in the Solar System as far as we know.

Ten Facts

-Eighth Planet from the sun

-Is a gas giant

-Has 14 moons

-Surface Temperature -201 C

-Discovered September 23rd 1846

-Has 4 Rings surrounding the planet

-Diameter 49,528Km

-Notable Moons;Triton


-Has 17.15 Times the size as Earth

Can Humans Live On The Planet? Of Course They Can! {Just Kidding}

People can not live on Neptune because of its lack of oxygen.But don't worry it has WATER!!!

Neptune has a core of molten rock, water, liquid ammonia,and methane.But that doesn't mean that you can get supplies and live there. Oh and I forgot the planet is mainly made up of water and gasses so there can be a chance of survival if we create a device to warm our self's up and have oxygen masks and food and all that other stuff that is important to survive. The temperature is extremely cold but, since we live in the 81st century we have heated hotels body jackets jet packs so you can get around easy and tons of other cool things

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere mainly consist of ice the conditions the planet has that may be ahrd to survive is no oxygen, but that would be a problem way back when they just came out with the IPhone 6 now we can just bring our oxygen tanks that last up to 20 billion years so not to worry.


People would adapt by growing fins because all the planet is is just water water and even more water sounds fun!

Protection Systems

We have provided tanks, fighter jets, firearms and other things that look like would blow someones head off

How To Get Around

We provide jet packs hovercraft boats floating cars ect. they would all look like brightly colored so people would not run into each other,

Fun Things To Do




Jet packs

And loads of more AWESOME things