Te Aroha Primary School

Term 1 Week 10 2022

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Tēnā tātou katoa

Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. Warm greetings to you all.

I advocate sun protection - essential in our extremely harsh solar environment - headwear protects (plus a very, very old Waikato University rugby jersey) take care out there.

It’s a crunch time for TAPS - students and staff all affected by COVID-19. We have large numbers away (85-90 daily) and please, please do NOT send unwell children to school - we can’t cope as you would guess. The holidays are less than a fortnight away (the last day is Wednesday 13th April for students) and we hope to make it safely through till then.

Term 2 will be a great new start for us all, refreshed, over the bugs and allergies and ready to hop back on board the mighty waka that is TAPS. We are all looking forward to a focused and powerful term.

I need to acknowledge the teachers and support staff in our school - they have been very dedicated and stalwart in coping with illnesses, tired, grumpy and generally off-normal students. There has also been the pressure of trying to maintain learning balance with students absent - especially when they miss one or two weeks of teacher contact.

Some school property news…

  • The pool is being prepared for upgrading - it’s getting a heating system that will extend the season considerably, warm the pool to 28 degrees and it’s also getting a new coat (actually 2 coats) of pool paint.

  • Junior Block refurbishment will kick-start as well - upgraded toilets and storage as well as room improvements on the cards.

  • Our Caretaker, Guy Rasmussen, has ordered a quantity of bark for the middle school playground and will construct a fence around it as a vanguard against the wind that tends to blow the bark to another planet. Guy and I will be spreading the bark with the help of senior students.

Student works…

Don’t forget to look in the office foyer at the displays that we are putting up from the Semiotics extension group and one or two other offerings. It make very interesting reading.

I am a little saddened that absences and a very disturbed term prevented me from expanding on the withdrawal group scenario as I do love the opportunity to challenge and push students out of their comfort zones - especially if they are capable of extension work.

Take care, be smiley - just under 2 weeks to go till the break - whew!

Ka kite anō




  • 14/4/2022 Last day of Term 1

  • 17/3/2022 St Patrick's Day - Dress Up Day (Green, Green, Green!)

  • 13/4/2022 Wednesday 3pm - Students last day for Term 1.

  • 14/4/2022 Thursday - Teacher Only Day (TOD)

  • 15/4/2022 Good Friday / Easter Break / School Holidays start


    • 2/5/2022 First day of Term 2 / Our new principal, Mr Justin Bertrand, starts with us.

    Other term dates to be advised.


    Hot news…. FIREWOOD available - $100 cubic metre - delivered.

    Well I’ll go to blazes - this is a flaming good bargain.

    Drying for over a year, this wood will work well for you this winter. Beat the cold - bring on the warmth…

    Please contact the office 07 884 8803 for details - delivery address, payment option etc

    Road Patrol Parent Helpers

    If you are able to help supervise our morning road patrol we need you! We have some awesome whānau volunteering but are short a few people a week. If you can commit to one morning for each week of Term 2 please let Mrs Hodgetts know.

    Being Sunsmart at TAPS

    Hats are a required part of our school uniform in Term 1 and in Term 4. Hats need to be our official uniform ones with the school logo on the front. Children not wearing hats will be required to play in shady areas rather than out in the sun. If your child does not have a school hat, please contact Lucy in the office to arrange one.

    SPORTS NEWS - Mrs Paul


    At this stage we are struggling to make teams - there is a netball meeting coming up and we will need to ask for help from other schools. The netball fees will be no more than $50.


    Thanks to those who offered transport. We don’t have enough to get over to Boyd Park so I haven’t entered us as of yet. This week I will send home car forms so I can check Registrations, warrants and licences.


    Mother's Day Fundraiser.

    Great gift ideas for mum.

    If you want to order online go to https://www.saltandoil.nz/te-aroha-primary-school-fundraiser and in the cart enter the code: TAPS for the order to count.

    Thank you


    We Need You!

    Reduced to single figures, this body of parents is vital to the school in many ways. They effectively help the school’s efforts in providing the best for your child - computers, play equipment, subsidised trips and much, much more.

    We need you…If you think you may be able to help out occasionally or have great ideas, please contact:


    Senior School Reporters

    A big THANK YOU to our Senior School Reporters for their photos and interviews.

    For this edition, Jahnaia, Nicole, Jasmine and Bella were our reporters - bringing a student's view to our school newsletter.

    Mihi Whakatau

    This term, all classes have had the chance to work with Mātua Rawiri to learn the kupu and actions for our school waiata. Te Moananui A Kiwa (Hub 3) have also been working with Mātua Rawiri for Mihi Whakatau, which is a form of welcome. We have been using the hall to learn the actions (with no singing!!) and then outside to sing and do the actions in a socially distanced way.

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    Cool Schools Mediators

    Whaea Armstrong has completed the Cool School Mediator training with a group of students from Te Moananui A Kiwa. The mediators have had their first week out and about in the playground, successfully helping students to solve problems.

    Here are some photos of them in action.

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    Breakfast Club

    Mrs Hazelton has been running our Breakfast Club in the hall extension since Term 4, 2011. Breakfast Club is run everyday from 8.30am to 8.50am and all students are welcome to come and have a kai during this time.

    On the menu - Weetbix and a glass of milk.

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    Mrs Hazelton is known for making the BEST Weet-Bix in the world. YUM!



    Room 1 - Mrs Johnson

    So good to be back in the classroom this week.Thank you to Mrs McGhie and Mrs Maisey for helping out with Room 1. We have two new students visiting this week in preparation for their start at school next term. Our Letterland work is u, k, j and v and we are all working on using our spelling fingers to sound out words. This is a very useful tool when solving words in both reading and writing. In Maths we are using our number knowledge to play Maths games in pairs. The children are loving this and their counting skills and adding skills are improving greatly. Look out for a board game that will come home in book bags to play this week. Please return it to school the next day. Thank you. Our topic will include the life cycle of a chicken and we will start our learning on plants as well.

    Room 2 – Mrs McGhie

    Hi all. I did enjoy having room 1 join us for a couple of days last week but with the return of Mrs Johnson we will be back to some normality. This week we will be looking at the life cycle of an apple tree. We will continue with building on their counting skills and number formation in Maths. The children are doing well in their reading with at least one book coming home during the week. Keep up practising the sounds as part of homework. Reading the book they are bringing home with me is always a highlight for the children and I hope you enjoy listening to them read the book with you. Enjoy your week.

    Room 3 – Miss Swan

    Kia ora koutou,

    I am away this week due to being unwell. Mrs Maisey is looking forward to being in Room 3.
    I hope you all have a wonderful week.


    Room 4 - Mrs Willis and the Goldfields Team

    Kia ora koutou. A big welcome to Donna Taylor-Erutoe who joined our team as our second classroom teacher with Mrs Suzette Willis. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, as well as making fair bread during our cooking session this week. Our highlight of the week was visiting the school library at TAPS.


    Room 5 - Miss Entwisle

    Wow! Week 10 is already here. We are enjoying the process of writing factual reports. In Mathematics we are developing our knowledge of addition and subtraction strategies. It has been slow going but some of us have finally managed to complete our self-portraits, and they were definitely worth the wait. 😊

    Reminders / Online Learning

    Our Spelling words and weekly poem are available on Seesaw for all Room 5 students who are keen to work on them at home. There will be online activities posted on Seesaw for those students who are currently isolating. These will be sent as student posts on their journal pages each day so that families can access them more easily. We will also be doing aspects of this online learning in class so that the students at school are completing similar work to those at home.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Miss Entwisle via the school office: 078848803; email: mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

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    Room 6 – Mrs Bankier

    It’s great to see our class growing again, I look forward to seeing everyone back soon. This week we have a visit from Jo Matthews ‘Maths ALIM advisor’ who will be visiting Room 6 to see how we are doing in our maths learning. On Friday I have my CRT day and Mr Mike Barker will be in.

    We have been learning a lot about plant life cycles and now we are going to look at living creature life cycles for the final part of the term.

    In Maths we will be completing our learning on fractions and direction. We will be looking at addition and subtraction for the rest of the term.

    We have started learning to use Scratch a digital programming platform where we are using our learning of directions combined with digital technologies.

    Room 7 – Mrs Paul

    Having completed our writing assessments for the term, we will make a switch to writing about procedures. This is a chance to have a bit of fun after a hard terms playing ins and outs!!!

    In Maths we have completed our add/sub work and I am trying to get through the testing for this. Those who continued to work online at home will have no problem with this!!! I have to admit I was very surprised to find we still have children who don't know their days of the week….by year 4 and 5, I would expect these to be known. Maybe this is a good conversation for home and something you could work on if they are not known. Having completed the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables we will take a break from learning new ones until next term, and consolidate on these.


    Room 8 – Mrs McKenzie

    Kia ora koutou,

    Room 8 should congratulate themselves for being resilient learners over the last few weeks as we have had to juggle classes. They have been using their self management skills to proceed with set tasks and activities. Ka pai to them all. For literacy this week, we are using our class novel Gangsta Granny to sharpen our predicting skills, and also to make sense of words we don’t understand. For literacy we are also tying in with our topic inquiry, where we are researching online platforms to seek information and summarise our findings. In maths we are moving on to multiplication and division. Students have already been practising their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables facts everyday, so they are well and truly ready to move on to learning how to solve larger number multiplication problems. Our weekly learning is also available through students google drive on an easy to access and follow slide and is updated daily. I do expect students to send me their learning from home if they are well enough to do so, this helps them keep up to date with what we are learning in class, and I can see how they are going. Have a great week everyone, stay safe and be kind to all.

    Nga mihi. Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Ginever.

    Room 9 – Whaea Armstrong and Mrs Hodgetts

    Kia Ora Koutou,

    Room 9 have shown themselves to be resilient learners that are developing their self management skills. They continue to produce high quality work while showing flexibility. We are so proud of you guys! This week we are looking forward to spending a few days combining with members of Room 10.

    SHOUT OUT: Year 7 tamariki that are currently placed in cooking at Tech deserve a special mention. We have had excellent feedback from Te Aroha College regarding their positive attitude and listening skills. Ka Rawe!

    Literacy: In reading we will be delving into some A.N.Z.A.C based literature. A great way to start reflecting on the upcoming remembrance day. In writing we will develop our structure and punctuation skills through a series of quick writing exercises.

    Mathematics: We continue to develop our understanding of decimals. This week we will solve subtraction problems.

    Life Cycle: We will be observing the growth of our dwarf seeds. Students are making predictions and then observations. Each week they will test their hypothesis.

    Home Learners: Don’t forget you have access to your in class learning through our home learning slides. Send an email and say hey! We would love to hear from you.

    Stay safe and look after each other! Two weeks left until the break. Kia Kaha!

    Room 10 – Mrs B

    Room 10 has taken quite a covid hit and students who are at school will be in a blended class with Room 8 and Room 9. We are very grateful to these teachers for having us. Mrs B has set online learning and will be back with us on Thursday.

    Please take care and look after yourselves.

    Arohanui - Mrs B



    Students are reminded to have long hair tied back and shoes that cover their feet (no slides please!) Masks are also required to be worn on the bus and in the College Technology classrooms. Roll call is outside Rm 10 at 8.30am. If your child is running late, please take them directly to Te Aroha College on Friday morning.


    School Lunches

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    We need these firms to keep our school cashflow and community relations going strong. They are generous to us which enables us to benefit your children so I would ask you look at the team of sponsors and where possible, use them as we all gain.

    School Policies and Procedures

    School Policies and Procedures

    SchoolDocs is the tool we use for our school policies. These are kept updated with the SchoolDocs team ensuring legal and compliance matters are always up-to-date.

    To access SchoolDocs simply :

    1. Go to schooldocs.co.nz

    2. Click Search for your school.

    3. Start typing the school’s name and select it from the dropdown list.

    4. Enter the community username tearohaprimary and password school

    From there it is simply a matter of navigating to areas you wish to look at - enjoy the read.

    School App, Facebook, Seesaw and our School Website

    Please use these tools we provide - we use them to alert, inform and effectively communicate with parents.

    Check it out - there is plenty for you to find out.

    If in doubt please ask your child’s teacher as we will be using these platforms on a regular basis to keep our parent community informed and up to date.