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Excellence In All We Do - December 10th

Friday Night Lights - Now Working Lunch

We cancelled Friday Night Lights this week because of the MS Band concert and are currently working with students during lunch to help get their grades up. The 1st semester ends in less than one week!

We have lunch together and look at assignments, grades, etc., and create a plan to help them.

Band Concert - Change

We are so glad that the Winter Band Concert is coming back! Come watch our Middle School and High School band students on Friday, December 10th(TONIGHT) at the PAC. Show starts at 6!

Food Drive!

We are doing a Food Drive December 6th - 10th for the less fortunate members of our community. Please bring your canned goods or non-perishables to the Goliath area next week. For more information, please contact our counselor April Woodburn at

We added a little Advisory competition to the Food Drive, so I would expect your students to ask you for canned goods this weekend!

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OAP Comes In 2nd In District!

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to direct and be a part of the magic that was performed on Friday, December 3rd and Saturday, December 4th. The students who participated in this adventure embarked on a whirlwind experience and came out with a victory for their school! The middle school One Act Play performed The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. After two hard days and lots of stress the team came in 2nd overall and 31 individual medals were given! Great Job Team! - Mr. Martin

Coming Up...

Reminder - Thursday, December 16th is the last day of the semester. Students will return to class on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022.
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Construction Update!

Demolition of the weight room should begin this week - prep work has been starting, so things will start to look very different after we come back from Christmas Break!

End of Semester

Okay, it's hard to believe this, but we are a few short weeks from the end of the semester!

Important note - the week of December 13 - 16, each subject will be giving either common assessments or other types of final exams to make sure we have an accurate picture of our student learning so far. Attendance will be very important during this last week!

Yearbook Photos?

"The yearbook is searching for more photos from Summertime. Photos must only include current LVMS students and be school appropriate. We can not guarantee the use of every photo sent in but if you would like to submit one; please send it to for review.

Also, if you have not purchased a yearbook yet, time is running out before the price increases.

Here is a link to a printable Holiday Card if you would like to make your purchase a stocking stuffer."

Still need to order a yearbook?



Student Registration Forms


If you have not done so, it is important that you complete the annual registration process ASAP. This must be completed each year because these forms provide us with important permissions and information that must be provided annually. Students without completed registration forms will begin to lose certain privileges until they are completed, so please take a moment to submit those forms in Ascender.


Todos los formularios de registro también están en español. Para continuar en español, hay un menú desplegable en la esquina superior derecha de la página de inicio de sesión para cambiar al español.

If you enrolled your student during summer enrollment, you must still complete annual registration forms. If you don't see your enrolled student when you log in, an Ascender Parent Portal ID is needed in order to link to your student and complete the annual registration forms.

Please email your campus registrar to receive your student's Ascender Parent Portal ID. Please note that there may be slight delays in answering requests during peak times, such as this, but we will get it to you as quickly as possible!

Once you receive your student's Ascender Parent Portal ID from the campus registrar, please log into Ascender Parent Portal, select "Link to Enrolled Student", and enter the Parent Portal ID and the student's date of birth.


In order to complete forms or update data for a student, the email address you have listed in Ascender Parent Portal must match what we have in our system. If you can see your student, but can't update any information, those email addresses do not match. We recommend updating and verifying your email address in Ascender Parent Portal. If you need us to change your email address in our system, please email and your campus registrar. You will be asked to provide your student's full name, date of birth, and grade level for verification purposes.


See the Quick Guide to Setting Up Ascender Parent Portal below for more information or email

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Cell Phones

As many of you know, our cell phone policy for students is to turn them off and put them in their back packs during the day. This is EXTREMELY difficult for our students to follow, but I feel that it's very important that students be disconnected from their phones throughout the day.

Please remember that cell phones are not allowed during school hours. Phones must be turned off and in their backpacks. If your child needs to contact you, they may come to the front office to use the office phone or bring their personal phone to the front office, where they are allowed to use it.

If you need to communicate with your child during the day, you can email your child on their ipads, using their school email -

Remember that if you call the front office, we will be happy to deliver any messages to your child. Less disruption in the classrooms, the better!

News and Notes From The Office

Attendance & Nurse - Please email or contact the nurse if your child is home ill. Also, please make sure if your child calls you not feeling well, they must check in with the nurse before leaving due to COVID protocol.

Ext. 2505

Boys Athletics - If your son is in last period athletics and you need to pick them up, we ask that you pick them up BEFORE 3PM.

School Time - Please remember that we teach from "bell to bell" each day and when you pull your student(s) out early or they arrive late to school, they miss valuable class time. Thank you for understanding!

Here is the bell schedule...first bell starts at 8:00 AM!

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Covid Questions...

Q: How will I know if my student has been exposed?

A: If your student is determined to be a close contact of a student who has tested positive for COVID, you will be personally notified. If your child is in the same grade level as a student who has tested positive, you will receive an email.

Q: Are masks required?

A: LVISD does not require students, parents, teachers, staff members or visitors to wear masks or face coverings while on district premises. However, the wearing of face masks is allowed and is highly encouraged.

Q: Can I choose for my child to do at-home/remote learning this year?

A: The state has not provided for a funded remote instruction option this school year. Students not at school will be under normal attendance requirements. Exceptions to this are students who are isolated because of a positive COVID result or who are quarantined due to being a COVID close contact.

Who Do I Contact?

We try to be excellent problem solvers here at LVMS, so if you have questions, let us help!

If you have questions about registrations, contact:

Monica Kaiser @

Schedules? Counselor April Woodburn @

Bus? Transportation Director Lisa Gordon @

Logistical Questions? Secretary Sue Kunze @

You can contact myself( or our Assistant Principal Kim Bentley ( with any questions you need help with as well.