Miss Samantha's Classroom News

January 2016

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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to January 2016!

It's a start of a new year and I hope you are ready to tackle a new journey with me! I'm excited to announce that our first lesson for the new year will be focused on New Years Eve and how people around the world celebrate this Holiday. We will specifically be focusing on the traditional New Years Eve celebration in Ecuador, China, and how we traditionally celebrate it here in the United States! I'm super excited to start this lesson with you all and I hope you are too!


Parents and Students,

The books we will be focusing on will be:

1) Festivals of the World, CHINA by Colin Cheong

2) Asian Holidays by Faith Winchester

3) Kids Around the World Celebrate! By Lynda Jones

What else, Miss Samantha?!

  • We will be making New Year's Eve hats, fireworks, Chinese dragon stick figures, and multiple other props in class together which will be provided in a prop box for the dramatic play area! This will be of access to all the students in class during play time, I hope the students will find this prop box very enjoyable and be creative with it!
  • If able to, families- who are comfortable- are invited to come in and share their personal experiences of how they celebrate this wonderful Holiday! Even if the Holiday was not specified in class, it would be so informational to learn other cultures and other ways people celebrate this Holiday around the world!

Parents, please remember:


Please remember that it is still snowing outside! We will be going outside everyday, so please remember to bring:

  1. Snow pants
  2. Winter Boots
  3. Scarf (optional)
  4. Waterproof Gloves
  5. A Hat

** If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.