Save the Mountain Zebra!


Reasons For Endangerment and Critical Information

The Mountain Zebra is a vulnerable animal on the Endangered Animals List. (Red) Mountain Zebras' population has decreased due to livestock reproduction and farming activities. Also, droughts have caused their decline in numbers. Many livestock farmers are in the commercial trade for skins, so they are killing their population to use their skins. That is the main reason for their threat of endangerment. To help the zebras' population increase, national parks and reserves are being built. (Ark)

Adaptation and Food Chain Information

Mountain Zebras get along with wildebeests, elephants and impalas which is why they are often mixed together in Game Reserves. (Ark) The Zebras stay and breed in herds. When the weather gets colder, they move to lower elevations and go into caves or wooden areas for shelter. (EEC) Zebras are herbivores. The Mountain Zebras eat grass, leaves and bark. (Ark) They can be found near a water-source because most zebras have to drink water everyday, however some can last 2 or more days depending on their type. (Red) They have become endangered due to livestock farmers. (Ark)
駄々っ子みたいなシマウマさん Zebra like a spoiled child.