Pandas live in a tropical rain forest of China. It is one of the most popular. Also one of the smallest tropical rain forests in the world. All pandas live in western China.


A panda eats Burg bamboo and mice, lemors, rats and other small animals. There are about 299 other types of bamboo. Pandas depend on bamboo. Pandas eat only about 20 kinds of bamboo.

Some Pictures of Pandas


A panda is in the bear family. The newly born panda is called a cub. There are 4 sectons of a baby pandas live. Some mother pandas hide there cubs in a tree.


A panda has black fur around its eyes, tail, back and its nose. The rest of the body is all white. A Panda baby is pink. A four month old panda looks like its mother.

Interesting Facts

Pandas ate meat about 521 years ago. The most similair thing to a panda when it is talking is a 16 year old girl whining. There are about 1,000 more pandas alive. Panda mothers kill wolves for there babies in case there is no bamboo around. They might kill themselves in war with the wolf.