Prairie City Elementary News

October 2019

The Mustang Way and PBIS

The elementary schools at PCM use a system of positive behavior intervention supports (PBIS) to teach, reinforce and respond to student behaviors based on clearly defined expectations, reinforcement systems and a series of consequences for all students. The PCE staff and students have been working hard this year on learning and practicing to live the Mustang Way. Ask your son or daughter to give you specific examples of how they are being safe, respectful, responsible and kind both in and out of school. Students are given yellow tickets as part of a positive reinforcement system to earn enough to buy something from the school store known as "The Stagecoach" each time they are observed demonstrating the Mustang Way. Blue tickets are extra special and are worth 5 points! Each class also has an opportunity to work together and earn a red class compliment card. Those are issued from any adult in the school that sees the entire class working as a team to show the Mustang Way in any part of the school. Once per month, an all school assembly is held to recognize great behavior, the efforts of all students and celebrate together. Also once a month, part of our PBIS structure is to have every student K-5 meet in their assigned Family Groups with a teacher. These groups are formed and the same students remain in that family all throughout their time at PCE. The families work on various team-building activities together and build stronger multi-age relationships. Please be looking for an order form if you are interested in ordering your child another PBIS T-shirt by Oct. 4. All NEW students will be receiving one paid for by the PTO, but we still need to know sizes.

Growth Mindset

All PCE staff have been doing a reflective book study using the book called The Growth Mindset Coach, A Teacher's Month-by-Month Handbook for Empowering Students to Achieve by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley.

The book provides a step by step way for adults to reflect on their own fixed or growth mindsets about what they are capable of learning and then learn new ways to help coach students to have a positive growth mindset to take on new learning themselves (especially if it's difficult or non-preferred). The staff has embraced this and is enjoying finding opportunities to encourage each other to take risks and learn new things to become better both personally and professionally. It is not always easy, but as we are learning to change our mindsets as adults, we are modeling this for our students. Some examples of this are "I can..." "I will get there, I'm just not there yet." "I will keep trying." "I'm willing to try to learn this, even if I know I will make mistakes." If you are interested in learning more, the research was originally done by Carol Dweck. Her book, The Growth Mindset, is a fabulous read! You will likely notice your child's teacher has built in discussions around this during their morning meeting together, family groups, Guidance classes and there are many posters in the halls encouraging this way of thinking.

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Homecoming week is here! September 30-October 4

PCE students will dress up each day of that week to help build school spirit.

Monday Sept 30 Dress like you are 100 years old.

Tuesday Oct. 1 Decades Day dress like the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's.

Wednesday Oct. 2 Dress like a teacher day

Thursday Oct. 3 Dress like a movie character day

Friday Oct. 4 School Spirit day-wear PCM or school colors shirts

This year we are trying something new to build district school spirit. On Thursday October 3, the high school will be bussing the drum line, cheer leaders, football team, coaches, and various other fall sports team members to come help lead us in a huge fun pep rally! The elementary students will be at the MS football stadium to watch the pep rally at 1:00. It is called, The Mustang March" pep rally. We are really excited about this! Our PTO also purchased rally rags for each PCE student that will be handed out that day to help us cheer on all Mustangs and to bring to the game on Friday night. Watch for pictures!!!

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