Dr. Lowe's Virtual School Update

For the Week of 4/13/2020

God bless your Easter - He is Risen!

Dear Eagles,

My prayer for us is to experience the Risen Jesus this weekend as we gather as families in our homes to worship. In the midst of this unbelievable and unrivaled time in our lives, I hope Jesus shines through more than he has before.

I often wonder what he is doing in my life, personally. How is he trying to get my attention? What does he want me to learn? How does he want me changed after all this is over? In the back of my mind, I keep getting the feeling that he doesn't want to be in the backseat of my life anymore. I look at some of the idols he is toppling:

  • wealth
  • work
  • sports
  • travel
  • health
  • celebrities
  • movies
  • "fill in the blank..."

But we shouldn't fear right now. As the video below so aptly states, Jesus is the all-powerful Son of the Most High God who came to this diseased earth and blaze a trail through it because of his unconditional love for you and me. So as we keep our eyes fixed upon him, we, too, can navigate this diseased world to one day be with him. So, as you shelter in place, may you seek the shelter that only Jesus can provide. God bless you all and I look forward to talking to you next week.

Dr. Lowe

That's My King Dr. S.M. Lockridge - [OFFICIAL]

Announcements and Upcoming information...

Parents and Students,

Here are some additional announcements about next week:

  • SCHOOL SCHEDULE FOR 4/13 - 4/17: MONDAY/ WEDNESDAY - NAVY DAY; TUESDAY/THURSDAY - WHITE DAY (School is in session Monday, April 13th)
  • More information will come next week regarding grading and GPA information, top 10%, Valedictorian and Salutatorian, and next steps for finishing the year well.
  • The novelty of virtual learning is wearing off and the new normal is setting in. However, we are incredibly proud of our students' resilience and flexibility. Because each student is handling this time differently, please do not hesitate to reach out to teachers, counselors, or administrators should there be anything we can do.
  • Zoom security is being enhanced each week as new situations come to light. I would remind each family that only current POPCS students are allowed to enter classrooms. Any current student who shares passwords or information about our current virtual classes with outside individuals will be held accountable for any "zoombombing" or inappropriate actions during class time. Parents, please speak to your student about the importance of this issue.
  • Students - your teachers may request you to change backgrounds, pictures, or any visual that has been enhanced within the virtual classroom that causes issues.
  • Thank you for participating in the Upper School Survey. Dr. Lowe will be gathering the results and share them with you and the faculty next week.

Yearbook Request from Ms. Lawson

Good afternoon!

The yearbook team needs your help to capture this unique time of social distancing and virtual learning. Please send photos of any or all of following to photos@popcs.org:

  • Virtual learning from home
  • How you’re enjoying time with family at home
  • What does your “new school uniform” look like? If you’re learning in sweats or pjs, send us a pic!

When you send photos, make sure to send large/full quality images. Also, tell us who is in the photo and what they are doing!

Please fill out this survey for us: https://forms.gle/r44ZD8eY2psZ3vnx6

Thanks so much for your help in making the yearbook great!

Stay healthy!

The 2020 Yearbook Team

All-School Virtual Easter Chapel

POPCS Easter 2020
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