by: Jack Giles


Have you ever wondered how it was for the farmers in the 1700’s? well it was a lot of work. The farmers had servants for crops and chores, they also had to plant crops every day. When they weren’t working they had to do things we have to do today, so in conclusion the farmers in the 1700’s had it worse then farmers now.


The farmers had servants to do all their work. When farmers had slaves/servants on their farm they made them do everything the farmers usually did. The servants worked for their master or aka boss. The servants planted crops, watered them, and they did chores then they mostly worked on the farm. If the servants were sick the master would make them feel better by healing them.The servants then worked for 11-12 hrs a day from 10-9 pm. The servants would stay at the farm only until they were 16 then they would be free to do whatever they wanted to. In conclusion the servants ran the farm for their master(s) or boss(es).

Food and Crops

The farmers planted and tended to their crops day till night with the help of their servants. The most and only sold crops are; tobacco,rice, and corn. The farmers would trade crops with the other farmers sometimes while instead keeping them. The servants would help plant crops and tend to them until there’s no more crops to be tended to.They would also care for the crops 24/7 a day until their ready to be harvested.

The servants were mostly always in charge of the crops until the farmers took over them.


Did you know that farmers have more to do then just tend to their crops? Well they had to clean the house tend to the animals and maybe even mow the lawn somehow.

Even if they had to do all of those things they also had to do the crops on top of that.

They would mow the lawn and put soil on the ground too! Then farmers would have to get down on their knees and plant and water the plants. It’s not easy being a farmer back then they also had to get down low and cut the bushes or weeds and cut the 15 - even 20 acres of grass and bramble. Then if they didn’t have any servants they would plant the crops by their own.


As you can see the farmers back then in the 1700’s had it way worse than us. After that the farmers had kept the servants to work for them and help them each day. They would also plant crops and feed the animals. Lastly they would work all day on the fields and the horse barn. I hope you learned a lot from my paragraph as you can see they had it worse in the 1700” then we do now.


Animal(s) - living creatures that are not humans and live outside.

Farmer(s) - A person who owns lots of animals, corps, and lots of acres of land.

Servant(s) - A person who works for a master or aka boss for 5-7 years for a passage to america.


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i like how farmers work on the fields because they use weird tools and have fun.