Extreme Weather!

In 2050

What will Weather be like in 2050?

The weather will be very different. There will be a higher rate of natural disasters.( #2) Flooding, Drought, Heat waves, Extinction, and ,many more things will occur. (#2) Carbon Omissions will double(#2) increasing the temperature by at minimum 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 20 degrees Fahrenheit at least. (#3) Damage costs due to Natural Disasters in 2050 will be about 1.8-3.9 Billion dollars! (#1)

Best Scenario:

The temperature will only go up by 1.4 degrees, (#3) the rain will be consistent and not flood, and the world would be prepared for any natural disaster that is to come. In 2050 there will be little climate change if this scenario happens. This would be the best and most hoped for scenario.

Worst Scenario:

The world will increase in temperature by 20 degrees (#3) and there will be extreme weather such as rain showers, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other catastrophic weather events and animal species will become extincted. Which means that our food chair will drastically change.


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